Chartered Project Management Course Outline


PM2323X Introduction to Project Management

PM3432X Project Selection and the Organisation

PM4352X Project Initiation

PM5437X Project Planning

PM5643X Cost Control

PM5434X Trade-Off Analysis in Project Management

PM4543X Risk Management


PM6543X Learning Curves

PM5643X Contract Management

PM5674X Quality Management

PM4576X Project Execution

PM5475X Project Closure

PM6543X Project Management in Practice

PART 3 (International Project Management)

PM4356X Global Project Management Framework and Cultural

PM5432X Impact of Cultural Dimension on Global Projects

PM4365X Global Communication

PM5476X Trust and Leadership

PM2354X Conflict Resolution and Coaching

PM5643X Ethics and Corruption

PM5786X Global Collaborative Structures and Tools

PM3432X Factors and Country Profile