Regional Advisory Board

AAFM/AABFS Advisory Board Members MENA Region

  • MENA Region Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences – President Prof. Isam Zabalawi

  • MENA Region Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences – Vice President Prof. Khalid Amin Abdulla

  • MENA Region Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences – General Manager Dr. Amr El- Nahas

  • MENA Region Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences Director – Arab & International Relations Ms. Rana A. Al-Zou’bi

  • Beirut- Lebanon Fenicia Bank Branches Network Manager —–Mr. Ali Hussein Badran

  • Palestine – Palestine Bank Training Manager Dr. Majid El Jedi

  • Egypt – Arab African International Bank Head of Financial Institutions Division Mr. Mohsen Rashad

  • KSA Kingdom Saudi Arabia – The Saudi Investment Bank Consultant , Human Resources – Learning & Development – Dr. Shehab E-Deen Ragei’e

  • KSA Kingdom Saudi Arabia -The Savola Group Chief Human Capital Officer Mr. Helal Omar

  • Jordan – AABFS Banking Expert Dr. Zaher El Ramhey

  • Egypt – KPMG Egypt Senior Partner Mr. Hesham El-Afandy

  • Egypt – AABFS Banking Expert Mr. Mohammed Badra

  • Egypt – Central Bank of Egypt General Manager

  • Supervision Sector – Dr. Salah Shehata

  • Egypt – Rasmala Egypt Asset Management Chairman & Managing Director, Asset Management Mr. Ahmed Abu El-Saad

  • Qatar – AABFS Trainer & Consultant Mr. Nashat Gaber Mahmoud

  • Jordan – Jordan Commercial Bank Chief Credit Officer CCO Mr. Mohammad Al-Quraan

  • Mohamd A. Alassmari, Ph.D. AMC, MMC and CIPM -Almarai Company – Saudi Arabia – Hon. Global Advisor

AAFM/CWM Institute Advisory Board Members Asia Region

  • Mr. Carl Thong Chairman of Board of Standards, AAFM Asia

  • Mr. David Sicari Regional Head, Training for ANZ Wealth Management

  • Dr. Christopher Goh Former Director of Credit Structuring, Merrill Lynch

  • Mr. Jeslie Chui (Prof J) Chief Strategic Officer, Qilu International Holdings Limited

  • Mr. Darvin Andreas Widjaja Managing Director, PT momenta, Former Regional Learning Manager for ANZ Private and Enablement

  • Prof. Dr. George Mentz Founder GAFM ® Global Board and former Licensed Senior Wealth Management Advisor Legg Mason/Citigroup USA. Prof of Wealth Management and Ethics

  • Dewi Wiranti Managing Director for Financial Services – Accenture Indonesia

Members on the Global Advisor List are Honorary by Law and by basic legal statues can not make any legal decision for the GAFM. Also Faculty or Board status is purely an Award Status and Recognition of Academic Excellence, Life Service, and Research. Members may nominate faculty to the board of advisors and faculty members have rights to offer amendments for the innovation of standards for GAFM . Faculty members are in no way considered to be faculty of the GAFM except within the limits of an Honorary or Emeritus Faculty Award Recognition. They are simply recognized faculty members of Select Universities Worldwide that have been unanimously approved by the Chair to receive honors from GAFM . Advisory or honorary advisors and members can not speak for the company by law, but rather US laws and statutes govern who may legally speak for a US company such as directors or managers. The legal location of the Global Certification Standards Advisory Council is based in Italy with legal offices in the USA. All intellectual property owned in the USA.